The design studio is the hub of ARCA’s creative endeavours and where the artistic direction of client projects takes place. We provide strategic and creative support, from the initial idea right through to production, to help anticipate and resolve any aesthetic or technical design issues that might arise.

Creative support from the initial idea right through to production


Design ARCA – Awards 2017

1340 x 650 x 750 mm

Competition pieces multiplying challenges and technical innovations. This dressing table combines finesse and resistance. The base is made with ash veneered square aluminum profiles. The flap is composed of a curved mirror. It also unveils a mannerist sculpture in solid ash outlining a multitude of small storage spaces including a secret drawer. A backlit inflatable wooden vertical strip activates upon opening.


Design ARCA

Sideboard without doors or drawers, access is through the openings in the marquetry. Each wall is distorted thanks to our WOOWOOD © technology, even the underside of the cabinet. In tribute to animals whose scales deform under pressure of ingested food.


Design ARCA

1100 x 300 x 330 mm

This sideboard can be placed in an entrance, a living room or a bedroom. Subtle veining connections passing over edges and sides are made from the same sheet of ziricote, with no right to error for the craftsman.


Design ARCA

4000 x 800 x 800 mm

Outdoor bench in bog oak used as it was when found in the sediments. This approach makes it a completely unique piece. This oak was unearthed after 400 years to unveil a real sculpture, blackened by the slit and having a tortured fork. It was made with the oldest sawmill in France, LA NATIONAL, owned by the family since 1880. The blade passages stop to preserve the fork and allow a spring effect from the seat. The rods, precious pieces intended for drying, are in brass. The wooden block is placed on mahogany sites.


Design ARCA

540 x 350 mm

Deux plateaux d’une finesse mise en avant par le moulage des poignées qui semble avoir subi le poids des objets transportés.


Design ARCA

1000 x 310 x 900 mm

A minimalist console designed in Gabon ebony veneer contrasting with a maple interior. 


Design ARCA

200 x 500 x 800 mm

A minimalist sideboard inspired by deconstructivism, breaking with the classic heavy style. Door handles give the illusion of horny pages.


Design ARCA

1400 x 200 mm

A large round table designed with pure lines made of Gabon ebony. It is composed of four drawers assembled with dovetails.


Design ARCA

1280 x 280 x 900 mm

Suspension made with our thermoformable wood called C°WOOD© combined with our LARMÉ WOOD©. Curves and counter curves are only achievable with our technology.


Design ARCA

1000 x 550 x 150 mm

Mirror made with our thermoformable wood called C°WOOD© combined with our LARMÉ WOOD©. The wood is molded intuitively to generate coat hooks, a paperweight or a tablet. Curves and counter curves are only achievable with our technology.


Design ARCA

800 x 30 mm

A wall board made up of storage pockets and made with WOOWOOD© technology.


Design ARCA

2302 x 981 x 1880 mm

First piece of furniture in WOOWOOD©. Thanks to a completely flexible wood, cutouts are made on different sides of the desk to contain everyday objects: binders, files, books, pens, mood lamps …
Outstanding Talent Hand Intelligence Award 2017.


Design ARCA

505 x 205 x 180 mm

Rotating watch case, its LARMÉ WOOD© surface allows it to resist frictions while being dressed in an innovative marquetry. A counterweight system makes the case and watches visible.


Design ARCA


En ébénisterie, tout le jeu est de respecter le raccord de veinage pour faire illusion. Détails imperceptibles pour les novices mais essentiels à la beauté de l’objet. L’ébénisterie est un métier passion ou l’on apprend à assembler et créer des décors. Le plus vieux souvenir d’assemblage lié à un motif restera pour tous les puzzles ! Réalisé en tamo (frêne japonais) avec pièce de signature en laiton, l’âme du multipli est réalisé en liège et chanvre de chez Kairlin, cet objet est donc biodégradable


Design ARCA

750 x 210 x 100 mm

Skateboard whose LARMÉ WOOD© pattern is used as a grip, like a crocodile’s back. Repeated rubbing will lead the teardrop inlay to appear under the board.


Design ARCA

Aroma table designed for tasting and discovering the olfactory nuances defining Ruinart champagnes. The pattern made with VAPOWOOD© technology reminds the texture created by the blows of a pickaxe from cellars’ walls while partially preserving the patina of these surfaces. The vine-shaped foot is a hand-sculpted bronze piece from Pierre Salagnac.


Design ARCA

352 x 336 x 1736 mm

This lamp begins and ends with a light source. The wood intertwining allows you to put books on it. Two lampshades are made of Japanese paper diffusing a soft and warm light. These objects produced in a limited series of 20 pieces are the result of a collaboration with the two designers Camille Angibaud and Jörg Guessner.


Design ARCA

422 x 422 x 422 mm

Une lampe qui semble fondre sous l’effet de la chaleur. Assemblages à doubles coupes à 45° renforcées par des Y en laiton brasé. Eclairage par 4 rails Led.


Design ARCA x Octave Grehal

Handbag made of WOOWOOD©; it follows the shape of objects much thicker than itself. 


Design ARCA

This chair refers to the high-backed pulpit, found in churches, carved with a «napkin fold». This wooden fold is therefore drawn in one line.


Design ARCA

700 x 780 x 580 mm

3D molded oak plywood seat. The veneer used to mold the hull was developed for industry. The radiant white lacquered steel structure brings an aesthetic lightness.


Design ARCA

400 x 450 mm

Table basse composée d’une multitude de sections en châtaignier massif. Une accumulation qui fait office de structure pour supporter le verre ; l’illusion d’une table à la fois aléatoire et structurée.


Design ARCA

300 x 50 x 20mm

Wenge knife with a stainless steel blade brazed by thermal spraying. ARCA finances and participates in a thesis intended to develop this procedure on wood. Thesis carried out at L’école des Mines. We are pioneers in this area.


Design ARCA

670 x 455 x 420 mm

This swinging deckchair is an essential object from birth to around 7 months. Its serial conception in beech plywood and its design are adapted to the baby’s universe. Its natural sway lets the child know that he can move smoothly on his own. Drawing and design commissioned by Charlie Crane.

Gainerie 91

Design ARCA

Drawer box for a bottle of champagne. It protects and reveals the curves of the bottle. Produced for Gainerie 91, a packaging company.


Design ARCA

1300 x 340 mm

A coffee table whose wooden base forms a flowing but fixed ring that circles the glass. Four deformation points allow stability while providing a feeling of lightness.


Design  ARCA

800 x 160 x 1000 mm

A wall planter that looks distorted by the plant’s growth. Composed of three molded and oak veneered pieces respecting the continuity of the grain.


Design ARCA

2100 x 1400 x 30 mm


This wall, inspired by geological faults and using WOOWOOD© technology, is composed of several storage pockets that can accommodate objects on the wall. The pockets testify the high flexibility of the material and give this piece of furniture the appearance of an endlessly reinvented sculpture, according to the shapes of deposited objects.


Design ARCA

Table à langer en chêne réalisé pour Charlie Crane. Ouverture rapide et fixation murale pour un gain de place


Design ARCA

Une lampe en pliage d’aluminium déclinable en plusieurs finition de bois : frêne, ebene… Eclairage par Led.


Design  ARCA

610 x 190 mm

A reinvented game table that stores the toys itself. An evolution of our AIRWOOD© technology combined with the bimetal principle. The four drawers are made of C°WOOD©. Designed in collaboration with Emmanuel Siefert during his thesis at ESPCI.


Design ARCA

Smoker created for a great French chef and intended for table service. The interior is coated with aluminum deposited by thermal spraying. In partnership with L’école des Mines.

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