As a workshop that designs, experiments and innovates with wood, ARCA is perhaps best known for one of its amazing inventions, the Airwood inflatable wood solution! From its perfect mastery of traditional tools to the invention of new techniques and materials, ARCA uses its expertise to help designers, interior designers, brands, publishers and individuals to execute their designs.

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Wood is at the forefront of everything we do: all our considerations, our creations, our techniques and our innovations

interior design


The design studio is the hub of ARCA’s creative endeavours and where the artistic direction of client projects takes place. We provide strategic and creative support, from the initial idea right through to production, to help anticipate and resolve any aesthetic or technical design issues that might arise.


Our innovation department creates new design techniques and develops new wood-based materials, sometimes working in collaboration with scientists. The various experiments we consistently perform allow us to push the boundaries of the materials we use to open up new creative avenues and create innovative furnishings, fixtures and fittings for all sectors of activity, from artistic cabinet-making, architecture, design and contemporary art to the automobile industry, among others.


The cabinet-making workshop undertakes projects designed by our various clients, from single, one-off pieces to larger production runs, and we employ an ever-evolving range of techniques, including bending, inflation, moulding, veneering, marquetry and lacquering, all fuelled and enriched by our innovation centre. Our 550m2 workshop is perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of various industries, including design, architecture, fashion and the automobile world.

interior design

All the fixture-based projects our clients come up with or that we at ARCA create are brought to life in our workshop. We monitor the entire process, from design right through to construction and the final installation, which naturally helps to optimise costs, adopting a responsive and flexible 360° approach that allows us to adapt to different requirements.

“Ils ne savaient pas que c’était impossible,
alors ils l’ont fait”


Mark Twain


  • EDIDA Awards 2022
  • RMC PME Award, Laureate of the regional and national
  • Laureate of the Rémy Cointreau Foundation
  • Grand Prix Innovation Stars and Professions
  • CMA Stars and Metiers Awards
  • Exceptional talents 2017
    Prize for intelligence of the hand
    Bettencourt Schueller Foundation
  • Innovative Handicraft Company Award – CMA 94
  • Star of the Craft Observer Design
  • Laureate of Banque Populaire Foundation
  • Laureate of Ernst & Young Foundation
  • 1st prize “Creation de la ville de Paris”
    Crafts category.
  • 1st prize CRMA “île-de-france”
    «vive la relève» contest
  • 1st Prize Young Creators Competition
    Ateliers d’art de France

clients & partners


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