The cabinet-making workshop undertakes projects designed by our various clients, from single, one-off pieces to larger production runs, and we employ an ever-evolving range of techniques, including bending, inflation, moulding, veneering, marquetry and lacquering, all fuelled and enriched by our innovation centre. Our 550m2 workshop is perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of various industries, including design, architecture, fashion and the automobile world.

Wood: our other grey matter


Maison Hermès

Full range of marsh oak handbags made with our BOIS LARMÉ© innovation. This new version of the historic Kelly bag from Maison Hermès is the result of an extraordinary 2 years collaboration between ARCA and Hermès Sellier.



Design Normal Studio

H : 450 mm

Coffee table made from identical sections taken from the same oak trunk in order to preserve the wood rings. After the gluing stage, each piece is worked entirely by hand, then burned in order to change its color and appearance, becoming almost mineral. Limited edition for Ymer & Malta.


Design Alexandre Echasseriau

1280 x 280 x 900 mm

Designed by Alexandre ECHASSERIAU, choice and realization in collaboration. Stemming from an ecological problem: «how to recover solid wood waste ?». Highlighting a flame veining on the exterior faces and the debarked tree trunk rough surface on the interior faces. The veining connection is subtly ensured at the edges of this console.


Design Noé Duchaufour Lawrence

1150 x 810 x 1150 mm

Bollard made of stained ash veneer, leather. It is the result of a collaboration between Atelier Jean Daniel Savoye (Leather) and Fabienne L’Hostis (Raku paving) managed by Arca (Wood).


Design Robert Stadler

750 x 750 x 750 mm

A space that allows you to find a little privacy and isolate yourself from ambient noise. Made of plywood veneered with Santos rosewood with wallet curling.


Design Gaëtan Guillaumin

150 x 180 mm

Made in US Walnut, this playful lamp uses WOOWOOD© technology to offer different types of lights. A simple rotational movement tightens or relaxes the membrane, which changes from diffused light to ambient light.


Design : Diane de Kergal

Inspired by her travels, she tirelessly draws cocoons… and finally discover in the Cévennes, France, a breeding of silkworms, virtuosos in the matter. She entrusts her casts to Sericyne, so that their worms weave their silk cocoons as close as possible to her sculptures. Sold by Gosserez gallery, these lamps are unique pieces. ARCA carry out the adjustments wood, metal, transparent structure, electric system.


Design : Thierry Dreyfus

2400 x 1100 x 750 mm

Made from an industrial extruded shape: IPN. Smoked chestnut table, split in two along its entire length, as if torn in gold. The relief in the center is a scan of the Himalayas.


Design Gaëtan Guillaumin

Pulse is a wall speaker that uses the sound properties of wood to create and emit sound. Its soft wooden cone WOOWOOD© stretches on ignition and offers a clear and natural sound.


Design Renault

Interior plating of the Renault MORPHOZ concept car. Extendable central column integrating AI through microperforations animated by LEDs and a WOOWOOD© zone which deforms to receive your smartphone and act as a car key.


Design Joackim Callatay

A series of a hundred pairs of heels was made for designer Joakim Callatay. All heels are handcrafted and made of solid pine wood with some other species collages.

Sumer King Size

Design Jean-Marie Fiori

3350 x 2440 x 730 mm

Réalisation d’un buffet aux dimensions titanesques issu de la collection Sumer de J-M Fiori. Ce buffet en frêne teinté arbore fièrement dix-sept tête d’animaux en bronze.


Design Gaëtan Guillaumin

A wall planter that looks distorted by the plant’s growth. Composed of three molded and oak veneered pieces respecting the continuity of the grain.


Design Mathieu Lehanneur

Storage units available in four stackable versions. The frame is made from 3-ply bamboo panels assembled with miter cuts. The surface is obtained by a colored varnish applied directly to the quilted mirror-polished stainless steel sheet.


Design Normal Studio

Made from stained solid oak, from identical sections of wood placed at regular intervals. A veritable curiosity cabinet, this slatted cabinet appears openwork or solid depending on the view angle.


Design Normal Studio

Sideboard composed of three boxes made out of pine plywood panels. The grain connection is ensured between the different faces, for the wood as for the gold leaf copper and palladium. Limited edition furniture for Ymer & Malta.

griffe du temps

Design Hoon Moreau

1600 x 380 x 1000 mm

A life cycle metaphor, as when time does its work. This sideboard gives us a glimpse of the precious heart of matter. It was made of sandblasted, carved, stained marsh oak, in gold leaf and bronze.

what you love

Design Robert Stadler

L : 295 E : 22 mm

The creation of this hammer represents a real challenge. We have developed a technique that consists of using solid defibrated wood called Bendywood. When subjected to water, this wood can take extreme radii of curvature.

Copal AW²

Design ARCA

10 x 3 x 3 m

Structure overlooking a dining room on the Grenada Islands (Caribbean). This 30 meter long wooden ribbon is rolled up on itself and maintains its shape thanks to the C°WOOD© technology.


Design Pierre Brichet

A collection of baskets based on the performances and qualities of 1mm «aviation» type birch plywood. The smoothness, flexibility and resistance of this material make it possible to produce solid objects of great delicacy.


Design Grégoire De Laforrest

Production of a screen made of lacquered scales reminding the plumage of the Blue Macaw.

you name it

Design Robert Stadler

La multitude de technologies de production disponibles, permet aux objets de prendre n’importe quelle forme et apparence; le vrai et le faux bois se mélangent. Les deux éléments décoratifs peuvent glisser le long de l’étagère et sont faits de tissus de fibre de verre couvert de résine.

wooden heap

Design Boris Dennler

Designed from the illusion of a pile of wood formed by identical sections stacked, the function of the furniture appears a second time. This collection is a wink to antiquity objects that hide their true function. Limited edition order from Tool (s) galerie.


Clara Hardy

4000 x 600 x 120mm

Exclusive creation for the gastronomic restaurant of the Château de Montcaud. Carved and lacquered from a block and then covered with animal silk. The solid Lebanese cedar frame perfectly matches the undulations of the artistic work.

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