Our innovation department creates new design techniques and develops new wood-based materials, sometimes working in collaboration with scientists. The various experiments we consistently perform allow us to push the boundaries of the materials we use to open up new creative avenues and create innovative furnishings, fixtures and fittings for all sectors of activity, from artistic cabinet-making, architecture, design and contemporary art to the automobile industry, among others.

Pushing the technical boundaries to open new creative avenues


Technologie et Innovation ARCA

Also called inflatable wood; the development of this material took 10 years. It allows the production of veneered panels having the particularity of revealing a pattern in a reversible manner. This material is always composed of a rigid support, an elastic membrane and a chiseled face in wood, plastic, leather, ceramic or even cork … The panel is accompanied by an automated pneumatic device managing air injections and extractions. Manual pumps are also possible. 


Technologie & Innovation ARCA

WOOWOOD© is born from the desire to give more functionality to our AIRWOOD© technology. This time it is not the air that inflates or sucks the pockets, but the objects that we slide inside. The wood skin follows the contours of the object to let us guess the outlines. Acting as a tensioner, this material allows objects to be placed in all directions, defying the laws of gravity. Many functions appear under the wood: cable gland, lampshade, coat rack, socket cover, sliding of drawers, clothes, boxes …


Woowood© – Innovation ARCA

Vitrine en WOOWOOD©  pour la montre “coussin” de la maison Cartier lors du Watches & Wonders de Genève 2022. Nous avons conçu et réalisé ce cadre et support de montre mouvant ! La marqueterie de pièces laquées reprend la disposition des diamants de cette montre d’exception, limitée à 20 exemplaires. Sertie de diamants sur silicone, elle à la pouvoir, comme notre technologie WOOWOOD©, de changer de géométrie. Pour la première fois nous avons intégré notre technologie sur une structure sculptée. 


Innovation ARCA

Wood reinforced with metals forming tears. Creation of «rapid ornaments» intimately marrying a veneer of fine essence and a non-ferrous sheet such as aluminum, brass, bronze or copper. It makes the wood more resistant to abrasion and impact. We can print grids in 3D in order to control the patterns, dimensions, colors and relief.


Innovation ARCA

 It can be bent or twisted during cooling using simple tensioners or clamps and avoiding a complex die. To considerably increase these bending radii, we have joined forces with «Bois Dentelle Dalbergia» technology and its microscopic perforations. This technology also works with teardrop wood.


Innovation ARCA

VAPOWOOD© c’est un procédé qui permet d’imprimer un motif sur le bois par pressage et utilisation de la vapeur.


Innovation ARCA

For several years, ARCA has been co-financing thesis on wood at L’école des Mines. This technology consists in depositing at high speed and very high temperature droplets of molten nanometric material on a wood support, using a cold spray or plasma torch.


Schoopwood© – Innovation ARCA

Since 2016 we are looking to project metals on wood by thermal projection, in self-financing and as part of a thesis. Our ideas are oriented towards augmented wooden objects for table art, sanitary, lighting. After winning the Labo competition organised by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation’s Laureates Association, we asked one of the best “designer craftsmen” of his generation, Alexandre Echasseriau, to work with us to design and create these objects.


Les technologies et innovations ARCA trouvent leur applications dans la quasi totalité des industries. Etant nombreuses et en constante évolution, n’hésitez pas à solliciter un rdv pour les visualiser ou commander des échantillons en fonction de votre projet.

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